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 Summer Conditioning League
2018 Registration Procedures

Steps needed to register 2018 Summer League:

1. Register with SCD by using the "Summer League Team Entry Form."

2. Register with your CLUB.  Club registrar will upload complete rosters to CJSA.

3. SCD Commissioner will Schedule games after CJSA & SCD Registrar approve rosters.

DEADLINE Jun 25 at 11:59PM

Click HERE to register


Information you may find helpful


Who Can Play:


     Summer League open to all athletes entering High School this Fall 2017


     NO HS Grad or College bound athletes


Games Time/Day:

     Games should be scheduled after 6:00pm to help players with summer work schedules.

     Boys play on Mondays & Wednesdays

     Girls play on Tuesday & Thursdays

     4 Home & 4 Away games over a 4 week period starting July 9, 2018


     Teams should take advantage of Club website communications whenever possible. 

     Home team must provide Location, Directions & Start times no less than 5 days before game.

     Weather related issues must be communicated ASAP to avoid unnecessary driving.  Website works best


     One USSF cert Center Referee is required at each game.

     If needed Center referee can allow volunteers to do sidelines.

     Home team is required to pay for Center referee ($50.00 suggested fee)

     Center referee is required to file game report when a CARD is issued.


     Home team responsible for Field and Referee fees

Length of Game:

     2 - 40 minute halves

     On hot days, coaches and/or referees can adjust periods to 4 - 20 halves to allow extra water breaks

Number of Players:

     Minimum of 7 players are needed on each team to play game.  Team can borrow from each other to even sides

     Uniforms are not required but are encouraged.  Color of teammates shirts must match.

     Bring pinnies to be safe.


     Yellow Card - Player is substituted immediately and sits for 10 minutes.

     2nd Yellow or Red Card - Player is ejected, must immediately leave the playing field, suspended next game.


Remember this is a conditioning league


(203) 996-4874 or via email