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South Central District

Fall 2011 Travel Packet


Boy’s Commissioner                                                                       Girl’s Commissioner
Bill Cadwell                                                                                         Scott Bradley
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Season Begins                                                                                     Season Ends          
September 9, 2011                                                                                November 13, 2011
Normal communications should take place via email to the Commissioners.  Please ensure the SUBJECT LINE of any emails you send contains the team/club name and division.   Urgent or time-sensitive communications should be made directly to Joseph A. Conte, SCD Vice President, at 203-248-9853.


GAME REPORTS:  The HOME TEAM is responsible for submitting game reports for all league games via the South Central District website  All LEAGUE GAMES MUST BE REPORTED BY THE FOLLOWING MONDAY BY 11:59PM. Failure to comply will result in forfeits and fines to the home team’s club.  (See the rescheduling procedure). 

When reporting scores, do not place a players full name in the comment section.

If there are any score discrepancies or problems with LEAGUE ATHLETICS, both the home team and away team should print out a game report form from the SCD website so both teams have an accurate game report, which is signed by the officiating crew and is kept by the coach/manager in case of score-related issues.  This will help the Commissioners correct any possible errors with the scores and standings.
Note:  U-10 Travel Rec teams do not have to submit scores unless the game score violates the five-goal rule.  This must be done via email with normal supporting documentation from the team that violates the five-goal rule (see Five-Goal Rule section).  For additional, scroll down to see U-10 Travel Rec Information.

GAME SCHEDULING:  In most divisions, all teams will only play each other once.  That being said, we do not anticipate any games being played after the completion of the season. 
GAMES:  League games take priority over all friendly games.  If you are in the Connecticut Cup or plan to play in a tournament this season you should schedule the games around those probable dates.  CT Cup games are typically played on Saturdays, so keep your Saturdays opened.
CARDS:  When submitting the game report when a yellow card or red card is involved, please only use the CJSA ID Number and not the player’s name or coach’s name on the online game report. When reporting scores, do not place a players full name in the comment section.
COMMUNICATION:  If any club has issues regarding another club’s failure to communicate, the clubs should bring this information to the Commissioners.  Use the district website and click confirm when the game is confirmed.  We should not be helping you after the fact.
Note:  The club referee assignor and all referees should be aware of the rules within this travel packet.


A player may not be simultaneously rostered to two classic (comp) team rosters or to two recreation team rosters in the same age group.  A player, however, may play simultaneously on both a classic and recreation team in the same age group.  If players are double-rostered, no more than eight players on the classic team roster may appear on the recreation team roster.  These players must be identified prior to the start of the season and cannot be changed on a game-to-game basis.
The purpose of this rule is to ensure that the recreation travel player gets the opportunity to play and improve.  If the Commissioner believes rosters are being manipulated to influence recreation game play, forfeits may be directed and resulting sanctions applied.  There has always been a “gentlemen’s agreement” between the clubs not to place premier players or premier development players on recreational rosters and when using competition players, they should be the “weaker” comp players.


Early in the week prior to the game, a call or email should be made to the opposing coach/manager to confirm the playing date, time, and location.  Home team coaches should ensure they have clear directions available to the away coach.  Teams should confirm jersey colors to avoid conflict. Responsibility falls on the home team to change colors if a conflict occurs.  Teams should also agree on a specific cut-off time for notification in case of inclement weather.


It is the responsibility of the home team referee assignor to provide an appropriate referee crew (one center referee and two assistant referees) for league games.  By rule, a center referee must be at least two age groups older, and the assistant referees must be at least one age group older, than the age group of the teams in the match being played.   If ARs are not available, both teams should provide volunteers to act as Club Linesmen and signal when the ball entirely crosses the touch line or goal line.  All travel league games must have a three person referee crew


Please visit the following websites to learn about the FIFA Laws of the Game and Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Games:


Each team is required to provide a certified roster to the referee and to the opposing coach prior to the start of all matches (district league matches and friendly matches).  If a certified roster is missing, the coach is required to provide a hand-written roster to the referee that must contain the full name, address, telephone number, player ID number and date of birth for each player and the same information for each coach (excluding the date of birth).  If a certified roster is not provided, a game report with the hand-written roster will be submitted by the referee in compliance with CJSA/SCD rules.


All players and coaches, participating on travel teams in U-11 and up are required to show a current pass prior to the start of all matches (district league matches and friendly matches).  In the event a player does not have a pass and is on the certified roster, he/she may sign the roster.  If a player has a pass but is not on the certified roster, he/she may not participate in the match.  
If a team has no rosters and no passes, a hand-written roster must be provided.  In any situation where players or coaches participate without passes, the referee will submit a game report in compliance with CJSA/SCD rules.


Games must occasionally be rescheduled.  Rescheduling league games is a burden on the entire league and should only be done for legitimate reasons.  Acceptable reasons for the Commissioners include inclement weather, wet fields, and conflicts involving the entire team.  Missing key players, particularly premier or premier development players, is not a legitimate reason for rescheduling a game.  In the event a game is not played and must be rescheduled, both teams are required to notify their Commissioner with the new date, time and location of the game.  Do not simply advise that a game has been cancelled.  It is better to wait a few days and give us a single notification including the reschedule information. 
When a reschedule situation occurs, the home club should make an attempt to offer multiple dates and times to the away team.  The away team should make an effort to find one of these offers acceptable.  No situation will be perfect for both teams.  Collaboration is important to resolve this.  If the coaches cannot find an agreement to reschedule the match, they are expected to escalate the issue first to their club leadership for resolution.  If the leadership of the two clubs cannot reach agreement, then the Commissioner may elect to direct a date, time, and location to reschedule the match.  The Commissioner’s decision here will be strongly influenced by the offers made by the home team and both team’s overall attitude about finding a workable solution.  If the Commissioner directly intervenes and a team does not comply, the Commissioner may elect to declare a forfeit or double-forfeit, as deemed appropriate.


(U-10, U-12, & U-14 TRAVEL REC tEAMS)

SCD rules require that every player on a “recreation plus” travel team play at least half the game, except for reasons of injury, illness, or discipline.  This rule is absolute.  If it is established by the Commissioner that players are not being given their rightful playing minutes, the game will be deemed a forfeit and the club in violation will be subject to associated fines.  Further, SCD may elect to take steps to discipline the offending coach or coaches.  Do not let the desire to win the game interfere with the prime objective of recreation travel soccer – playing for the fun of the game and learning the game!


(U-10, U-12, & U-14 TRAVEL REC tEAMS)

SCD uses a rule in all recreational travel divisions that is meant to keep the competition healthy between teams.
  • If at any time during the game, one team achieves a five-goal advantage over the other, the team that is ahead must remove one player from the field and play down until the five-goal margin is gone.
  • If the team holding the five-goal lead increases their lead, another player must be removed and the team must play down two players until the goal margin is returned to five goals.
  • No team will be required to remove more than two players in this situation.  Teams are reminded that removing weaker players defeats the purpose and intent of this rule.  Teams with five-goal leads should focus on removing stronger players first.
  • If this rule comes into play during the game, SCD rules requiring all players on recreation travel teams to play half the game are held in abeyance.  Again, taking time from the weaker players works against the intent of this rule.
In the event the game finishes with a goal differential greater than five goals, the coach of the winning team is required to provide an e-mailed explanation describing the circumstances leading to this final score. This explanation must accompany the reported game score.  If the team has a second game with a winning margin in excess of five goals, the president of the associated club is required to provide a written explanation of the circumstances of this second score and further address steps being taken to avoid another similar result.  Failure to provide the first letter will result in assessment of fines to the parent club.  A second violation, even if explained by the club president, may result in the offending team being charged with a forfeit and be subject to associated fines.
Coaches are strongly advised to ensure their team parents understand this rule prior to the start of the season.  Please respect the feelings of the players involved from both teams when dealing with this situation.  Repeated violations of this rule will ensure the offending team will be promoted out of the recreation division and into a competition division the following season.


See the first page in regards to reporting games scores.  Failure to submit a game report will result in a forfeit being charged against the offending team, regardless of the actual game outcome.  All forfeits are scored as 1-0 losses.  Teams forfeiting a league game are not eligible to win the division championship and the club will be assessed a $25.00 fine for each game determined to be a forfeit.


Three (3) points are awarded for a win and one (1) point is awarded to both teams for a tie.  There are no overtimes in SCD league play.  Division winners are the teams earning the most points provided they have not forfeited any league games.  In the event of a tie, division winners are determined by the following tiebreakers in this order:
For classic (comp teams) divisions:
1. Head-to-head competition
2. Most wins
3. Least goals allowed.  If teams remain tied after this point, co-champions will be declared.
For recreation plus (travel rec) divisions:  Teams tied in points will be declared co-champions


All SCD Bylaws and Rules can be found on the district website under SCD Bylaws and Rules in the left-hand column.
Coaches are encouraged to go the SCD website and review the SCD playing rules.  All coaches are responsible for compliance with these rules.  Sections 2, 3, and 4 are of particular importance.
League Game Protests– See the SCD Bylaws and Rules for fees and which SCD Commissioner to send your protest to.  Do not send a protest involving an SCD league game to CJSA.
Rule: 2.38
District League matches in the U-12 age group and below shall utilize a “size 4” ball.  District League matches in the U-13 age group and above shall utilize a “size 5” ball.
Rule: 2.39
The length of District League matches shall be as follows:

U-11                2 x 35 minute halves
U-12                2 x 35 minute halves
U-13                2 x 40 minute halves
U-14                2 x 40 minute halves
U-16*              2 x 45 minute halves
U-19*              2 x 45 minute halves

*U-16s and U-19s do not play in the Fall, only in the Spring.

U-11 & U-12 8v8 Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed in regard to fields and games:
Field Length: minimum 70 yards, maximum 80 yards
Field Width: minimum 45 yards, maximum 55 yards
Goals: 6 x 18 feet (same as the U-10 age group)
Center Circle: The center mark is indicated at the midpoint of the halfway line.  A circle with a radius of eight (8) yards is marked around it.
Goal Area: A goal area is defined at each end of the field as follows:  Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line six (6) yards from the inside of each goalpost.  These lines extend into the field of play for a distance of six (6) yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line.  The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the goal area.
Penalty Area: A penalty area is defined at each end of the field as follows:  Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, fourteen (14) yards from the inside of each goalpost.  These lines extend into the field of play for a distance of fourteen (14) yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line.  The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the penalty area.  Within each penalty area a penalty mark is made ten (10) yards from the midpoint between the goalposts and equidistant to them.  An arc of a circle with a radius of eight (8) yards from each penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area.
Duration of the Match: The match is divided into two (2) halves of thirty-five (35) minutes each.  There shall be a half-time interval of five (5) minutes, more if circumstances (e.g. weather conditions) dictate.
Start and Restart of Play: Opponents of the team taking the kick (kick-off, free kick, corner kick) are at least eight (8) yards from the ball until it is in play.

Brian Grindrod, SCD U10 Commissioner


  • All U-10 Travel Rec teams playing within SCD must have a CJSA certified roster (with all players interested in playing on the team and coaches listed).  Players are not required to have passes, but all coaches must be listed on the roster and have a pass.  Teams without certified rosters or players not on the certified roster cannot play games!  In order to be on a certified roster, the player must have their birth certificate approved by Patrick Duffy, SCD Registrar, and the coaches must complete the CJSA background check.
  • Referees are required to check the certified roster and each coach’s pass before each match.
  • The home club will provide a referee crew (one center referee and two assistant referees or club linesmen.  If ARs are not available, both teams should provide volunteers to act as Club Linesmen and signal when the ball entirely crosses the touch line or goal line.)  Coaches are required to provide a copy of the certified roster to the referee and opposing coach.
  • All U-10s that play in a particular club are eligible to play on a U-10 Travel Rec team sponsored by their club as long as they are on the certified roster.  This is a developmental league and not a comp league or all-star league, and no tryouts are to be held for these teams.  Teams should have pools of players in which all players can experience travel soccer with different players and against competition from other clubs.  U-9s can participate.  No player can be younger than U-9.  Roster size is unlimited.
  • Schedules are to be uploaded on the district website and scores should be reported. No standings are kept – the “five goal rule” applies and the U-10 Commissioner should be contacted when a team violates this rule.
  • This is a recreational league and is all about players developing and having fun.  All players should play a minimum of 50% of the match unless there are injuries or discipline issues.  The playing time for each team member should be approximately even.
  • Teams should schedule a maximum of one game per weekendand a total of 8 to 10 games for the season.  The home team should contact the opposing team at least one week in advance to confirm game date, time, and location.  The home team should provide directions and discuss jersey color and a reasonable notification in case a game is postponed due to inclement weather.


Field Length:  minimum 70 yards, maximum 80 yards
Field Width:  minimum 45 yards, maximum 55 yards
Goals:  6 x 18 feet
Playing Time:  2 x 30 minute halves
Ball Size:  Size 4


OCTOBER 14-17, 2011

At January’s 2002 Annual General Meeting the membership passed a policy stating that “Each Fall and Spring playing season the Board of Directors shall sponsor a statewide Silent Sidelines weekend.  Coaches will be permitted to give players direction from the sidelines.  Spectators will be directed to refrain from making any comments to players, coaches or referees, but will be permitted to applaud efforts by players.”  Referees are not responsible for the enforcement of this rule.  It is the clubs’ responsibility to inform your spectators of the guidelines for Silent Sidelines.
The Spring Silent Sidelines will be the third weekend of October.  The goals of Silent Sidelines Weekend are to:

1. develop our players to make decisions on the field without sideline intervention.

2. improve the players’ communication on the field by reducing the outside noise level.

3. support our youth referees by eliminating dissension from the sidelines.
This rule was drafted and passed at the request of a CJSA player.  We need to help our players develop without the continued interference from the sidelines.  The objective is to promote greater awareness of this development by coaches and parents as well as the players and referees.
We are requesting that all spectators remain silent on these weekends.  For the sake of our kids, we are asking for one weekend where we stand back and just let the players play.  We would like to provide each player at least one game of their season that is free of the distractions caused by spectators screaming and yelling at them.
This program was first sponsored by CJSA in September 2000 and was successful.  Many players stated they enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with their teammates and be heard.  One player, Tommy Schanzer, enjoyed the experience so much that he spearheaded a movement to bring back Silent Sidelines each season.
The guidelines are simple.  Spectators are to be quiet, talking in a normal tone to the person next to them.  What is to be avoided are comments that can be heard by players, referees, or opponents.  Applause is permitted and encouraged.
The program works.  It has increased the awareness by both coaches and parents of the players’ development.  In addition, it has increased referee retention.
Your help is needed.  We are asking everyone in CJSA to promote and support Silent Sidelines Weekend and give the game back to the kids.
(The above message is a modification of Andrea Duffy’s May 2002 President’s Message.)
For more information – please visit:  http://www.cjsa.org/cjsa/home/SilentSidelines/tabid/4044/Default.aspx