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Discounted NSCAA Membership through CJSA
Dear Coach:
As the recent posting on the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association's (CJSA) website at www.cjsa.org outlines, CJSA has recently joined forces with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) to offer Connecticut coaches, administrators and the general soccer fan state-wide a special, discounted rate when joining the NSCAA for the first time OR when renewing your current NSCAA membership just by using a special CJSA/NSCAA membership code CJSA2014 as part of that first time membership or membership renewal process.
If you are currently an NSCAA member, the basic benefits of that membership will not change if you renew thru CJSA—the only difference would be the savings in your annual dues to this new CJSA/NSCAA  partnership automatically gives you when using our special promo code that will be found on the second page of the NSCAA’s on-line membership page just before submitting your renewal application.
The same discount also applies for any coach or administrator etc. who wants to join the 30,000 other members of the world's largest single-sport coaches organization as a new member of the NSCAA--just use the special CJSA discount code: CJSA2014You can utilize this new CJSA/NSCAA discount code when you join or renew your NSCAA membership at any time over the next two years.
If you have any questions concerning this new joint membership partnership recently announced between the NSCAA and CJSA please feel free to contact the NSCAA membership department at 913/362-1747 (ask for Dan Cooper in that department at ext. 1005) or feel free to contact Thom Meredith, CJSA's Executive Director, directly by phone at 860/676-1161 or by emailing him at  .
Thank you for considering this, it is sincerely appreciated.
Joseph A. Conte - SCD VP
South Central District
Connecticut Junior Soccer Association